Life, and Other Non-Food Happenings

Yep, it’s another food blog.

Being the borderline-obsessive monkey that I am, I have for a few years kept a recipe file on my computer (two, actually, one of the things that we’ve made and know are good—titled, of course, ‘known-good’—and one of the things that sound good and we want to try, which is currently in a file called, yep, ‘things-to-try’.  For what it’s worth (not much, I’m sure), most of it is in LaTeX with the cuisine package…).

For mother’s day presents for a couple family members a couple years ago, my then-partner and I had copies of our ‘known-good’ file printed and bound by Kinko’s.  This was ok for a one-time special-occasion present, but (especially seeing as the file has grown to nearly 60 pages, a 450K pdf) isn’t very sustainable for ongoing sharing. So when we started talking about sharing recipe files with a friend, I started thinking about finding a different, smaller, more shareable way.  And thus this page was born.

And then after about three posts the project stalled, for an assortment of reasons.  Six years later, the recipe files are, in their way, more inaccessible than ever, but here we are.  This will ever be far more ‘recipe box’ than ‘food blog’, but I’ll try to at least make it a little interesting to people who aren’t me…


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